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This is the creme colored version of a simple 2-1/16" knob. I keep these in stock in black, white, red, and blue. Ready for engraving of your shift pattern, name, etc., these run $65 because I can make several at a time, keeping the cost down.
Another CNC-generated pattern, engraved evenly around the knob. This pattern is an example of other patterns that can be done on your project.
This is the solid blue, kept in stock for engraving. Simple can sometimes be more elegant than anything else!
This knob, swirled in red and black, also shows the "open" style of engraving, in which you can feel the texture of the letters or shift pattern.
  Every swirl is just a little different, as you can see in this selection of round knobs.
Now in stock: the Maltese cross. A 3D cross, set in white pearl. This is a stunningly beautiful knob. Other simple shapes can also be created, embedded in many colors.
Photo image knobs have really caught on with customers who want to completely personalize their shift knobs. This fine young man is a family friend, the photo taken when he was in about the 6th grade.
This flare top knob has a comfortable feel to it; this example is done in a translucent glitter red and silver.
Also seen on the Koolknobs' home page banner, this knob lives on a Cadillac belonging to Billy Gibbons of ZZTop fame! Although I don't offer this shape now, it serves as an example of some of the higher end cars on which Koolknobs products can be found.
This is the claw of an alligator that ended up on a show bike, a Boss Hoss V8.
This knob, before sanding and polishing (shows up better in the photo) shows a new design in a 6 speed pattern, but can be made in other shift patterns.

Now available, engraved shift patterns. In 2-1/16" size, you can get nearly any shift pattern you like, even long obsolete. The engraving is on the surface, then filled with high quality automotive paint.
So many ideas! This knob, with cigarette butts in it, told the story of a daughter's fond memory of her dad, whose car she restored. The butts were in the ashtray and dated back to the 40's. The car was featured in Street Rodder Magazine, and the full story of the knob was a highlight of the article.
So you think you're a gearhead? How about a metal gear cast into your shift knob? These are in stock in black, and can be done in other colors.

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Before you email, please take a look at the info on the How to Order page; it'll save us both a lot of effort.

Email Bruce Roosa: (Subject line: shifter knob. I don't open an email without something similar.) In your email, please include the year, make and model of the vehicle!