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  • Wholesale orders begin at 25 knobs
  • Make your first contact via email (I keep a trail of work that way)
  • Pricing depends on the product you want; more below
  • Small business, personalized service, and a great product; references available.



Please contact me by phone (307-689-6705) or email for ordering information at; we can discuss your needs, copyrights, costs, etc. I'll make every effort to get you exactly what your customers want. Below you'll find the basics of what's needed for an order.

Ordering information:

  • THREADS and SHIFT LEVERS: Threads are M16 X 1.5 in the knob; a sleeve kit is needed for most vehicles. These are available in either English or metric threads.
  • ITEMS CAST IN: These items need to fit an area about the size of a half dollar in order to display well in a knob.
  • ENGRAVING: If I can draw the part in my CAD program, I can engrave it in or on the product.. Text, simple images, smiley faces; those are examples of engraving that work well. My engraving program won't accept photos or clip art.

PRICING for wholesale orders will depend on what you'd like, but here are some ballpark costs:

  • Plain polished knob, one color: $20
  • Two color swirl knob, $25
  • Pin embedded, $30
  • Engraved and filled with automotive paint, $35

Time: Solo operator, so it all depends on what's in the queue.

PAYMENT: PayPal is great! Use my email address, If you prefer a check or money order (payable to Bruce Roosa), you can send it to my address on the contact page. A short note summarizing the project will help me keep track of the order and can include your shipping address. All international orders must use PayPal for payment.

On copyrights: I won't knowingly violate a copyright. I can place an object you own in a knob, such as a hat pin, if you send it to me, but I can't create or copy anything that's licensed or protected. I can use only original artwork unless I have its owner's permission. All trademarks and copyrights are the responsibility of the retailer.

To get your project started, shoot me an email!

307-689-6705 Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Mountain Time.


Defects: I will cheerfully correct anything that's wrong with the knob when you receive it for a period of 3 months. I can't guarantee, though, that the resin won't affect the item you send me (even if it ruins it). Neither can I ensure that the knob won't ever be affected by extreme temperatures or damage that might be caused when it is installed. Koolknobs Brand Shifter Knobs is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by its products due to incorrect or improper use. The Koolknobs Brand name is a registered trademark.

Just don't like it: I'll work with you as much as I can if you get the product and it's not what you thought it would be. I take each situation case by case, but if there's nothing wrong with the product, I won't promise to make big changes for free. A custom product like this isn't going to receive a full refund unless there's something wrong with it.

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