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One of Koolknobs' latest projects, a bullet in the top with shells evenly arranged around the perimeter. There are more bullet knobs on the More Samples page.
Part of the artist series, started with a plain white ball. The artist then decorated the knob with water based paints, ink, and foil. It was then cast over in clear to preserve it. Stunning results!
This knob now lives on a Corvette belonging to top fuel drag racer Kenny Bernstein (coin used with permission)
Smiley face knobs are available in several designs, including: stubble, bullet hole, and this guy, the happy little fellow everyone remembers from the ads of the '80's.
This is the
new stubble smiley, which is quite popular.
So you like the smiley, but not in yellow? These can be done in just about any color you'd like.
Stubble, sunglasses, and laid back; you can have an endless variety of combinations limited only by your imagination.
Here's yet another twist on the smiley knob!
How about a laid back looking dude with sunglasses? He can have with stubble, too.
This wry looking fellow is an example of an "expression" smiley. If you have an idea for one, let me know.
Swirls are always random. Lots of factors affect them, but they're always interesting, too.
This knob was a swirl with lots of pearl and a little silver paint. In direct sunlight the effect was stunning
Black and silver swirl knob, a great example of the swirl patterns available. Every one turns out differently.
A new product, the "Silhouette" series, offers a number of shapes engraved on top of the knob.
This group demonstrates the unique qualities of each swirl pattern. No two swirls come out exactly alike.
A good example of the unique swirls that come from the mold; this is a red and white marbled knob. No two swirls ever come out exactly the same.
Even kids' toys can be used in a knob. These "Piggy" knobs also show what can be done with a hollow shape.
Another knob in the "Artist Series", this started as a blank white knob and was decorated by friend and artist Chris Amend. Also shown is one of Koolknobs desk stands, for those who want a knob but don't have a car to put it on!
The skull knob is one of the most popular Koolknobs brand products; they're wicked looking and, since I make my own skulls, I can taylor them in other colors. Black is definitely the most chosen color, though.
Thought you were done with Smileys? There are plenty of possibilities!
The adapter for Ford Trucks. Many other adapters could be needed, and I carry quite a few, as well as a good list of applications for threads on various shift levers.

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Email Bruce Roosa: (Subject line: shifter knob. I don't open an email without something similar.) In your email, please include the year, make and model of the vehicle!